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Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Building of Slender Man Miniatures Game Part 1

I had an idea for a miniatures game. It would involve the dreaded slender man and a group of people in the woods. The object being the people have to get from one side of the board to the other. Simple enough, right?

What was the setting? A forest. Campers or a misc. group of people out in the woods. There would be a winding trail running through the center. I discussed this game with a friend at work who is also a gamer. Let's call him Z. He thought that a 2x2 board would be sufficient, and so did I. He wanted to help me out and said he would work on some rules for the game. During this time I to would think about the game some more.

The next morning I went to Z's office and to my surprise he already had a rough outline of the rules! This was great! As he went over the rules I realized that this game was going to actually be playable. I went over to another friend at the office who is also a gamer, let's call him S, and I told him about the game and the rules Z had come up with. S had a few ideas to, like have a camp at one end, and a van at the other. Maybe the campers would have to look for the car keys as well.

I went back to Z with this new angle. Z thought that adding in these things would take away from this particular type of game and it would also drag it out. There was a question about the van too. As each miniature got to the van (and got in it) would slender man be able to get them while they were in the van? Good point. Why or why not? Now I had something else to think about because this would compound the rules. Perhaps it is just enough for the players to get from one end to the other.

 After a few more discussions about the game I decided that the player would have to have his campers just leave the board by moving off of it. That means that the player had to get his campers to the far end then move them off as they could.

Next up-Part 2 of this series.